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Raghav Behani is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. He is a Chartered Accountant, having secured a Gold Medal and Certificate of Merit issued by ICAI in the CA Final Exams. His passion for the stock markets dates back to his early teens and he has developed his skills in technical and fundamental analysis through on-the-floor experience over the past 7 years. He is also a regular writer for various American and Indian magazines on topics relating to finance. Some of his notable contributions have appeared in Finance Today and the American magazine "Futures".

Raghav Behani was the winner of the financial markets reality show "Hunt for India's Smart Investor" on Zee Business in association with L&T Mutual Fund. His in-depth and practical knowledge about equity trading, financial markets, financial planning, mutual funds and business news helped him crack the tough competition to claim the title.

Investment Framework

We don't buy stocks, we buy the business.

We are too young to have a philosophy. It is very important that you know about our investment framework as your hard earned money will be deployed in companies based on this framework. A one year period is very small to judge our investment philosophy and we would like it if you judge us over a five year period, or atleast a three year period. We track a select group of companies (~ 100 companies) ranging in market capitalization from less than Rs 100 Crores to more than Rs 40,000 Crores. In short, we have no bias towards a micro cap, small cap, mid cap or a largecap. Can't a $10 Billion company become a $50 Billion company? All our investment ideas are generated from this universe of companies that we track.

Our ideal company:

- Low debt or debt free
- Free cash flow generating
- High return on capital
- Prudent management
- Decent margin of safety

The final selection of the company as a a part of the portfolio is done on basis of valuations. For valuing a company, we look at many statistical models, some of which have been developed in-house. We also meet the management of companies to understand the business in a better way and get some valuable insights from them.

Choose the right business at the right price and let money work for you.

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