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What are the companies that you do research on?
We cover Indian companies listed on the major Indian stock exchanges - NSE and BSE.
Can I get a trial?
No, we don't give any trial of our services. The shortest pack is the one year pack.
What are the modes of payment?
You can pay using your debit/credit card on our website. You can also do an IMPS/NEFT to our bank account. Email us for the bank account details.
How is the Fundamental Rating calculated?
99’ rating is the highest mark and represent the top performer of all stocks. Fundamental factors such as sales growth rate over the last three years, pre-tax profit margins; after-tax profit margins; return on equity (ROE).
Can I get a discount?
No, we don't offer any discount on our subscription. We charge an amount that justifies the man hours put into equity research at our end.
Will my card details be stored?
No, your payment details are not stored at our end. We use a trusted and independent payment gateway to process our payments.
How are the research reports communicated?
You will get an SMS and Email alert when we come up with a new report. You can login to your dashboard and access all the reports at one place.
Can I get a refund?
No, we don't give a refund. We expect you to consider all aspects of our services and your requirements before becoming a member.
Will my subscription be auto-renewed?
No, there won't be an auto renewal of the subscription.
How many stock picks will I get in one year?
There is no minimum guarantee that we give with regards to the number of stocks we would invest in. By giving a minimum guarantee we might have to compromise on the quality of companies we are investing in if opportunities are not in abundance. However, on an average we come out with 8 new stock picks every year apart from the existing stocks we hold in our portfoliol
How do I renew my subscription?
If you were satisfied with our one year service, we would like you to go for the two year plan next. You can renew it online from your dashboard itself!
Can I pay through cash/cheque?
Yes, you can pay through cash or cheque. Email us for details.
How much returns should I expect?
One year is too short a time frame to judge our investment picks. We would ideally want you to judge our performance over a three year timeframe as a bare minimum. Our hurdle rate for the portfolio is a CAGR of 18% p.a. We target to achieve this over a 3 to 5 year period and on a continuous basis going ahead.
Will I get an invoice?
Yes, you will get an invoice and the same can be downloaded from your dashboard after subscription.
Is there a guarantee of returns?
No, there is no guarantee of any returns. We talk about a target rate or hurdle rate which we expect from our own portfolio but there is no guarantee of any returns.
Will the entire portfolio be invested in equities?
No, we balance our portfolio between equity and debt depending on current valuations. We ideally keep atleast 25% in fixed income instruments to ensure that we have a buffer to buy more at lower levels. When valuations are cheap we go 100% ALL IN on equities.
I have a problem with the payment!
You can email us: raghav@dalalstreetbulls.com
Do you give any trading calls?
We don't share any trading or short term ideas. We don't cover Futures and Options as part of our services on this website.
What is the average holding period of an investment idea?
At present, our average holding period is 2 years.

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