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Why Raghav Behani? ?

SEBI Registered

All research reports are audited and reported to SEBI

Qualified Team

We have a team of qualified CA's conducting research

Award Winning

Winner of Hunt for India's Smart Investor (Zee Business)

Solid Research

Unbiased research to generate the most profitable investment ideas

Risk Management

Capital protection is at the core of our investing ideology

Portfolio Allocation

We tell you how much to invest in which stock

Who Is Raghav Behani?

Your dedicated Research Analyst

Raghav Behani is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. He is a Chartered Accountant, having secured a Gold Medal and Certificate of Merit issued by ICAI in the CA Final Exams. His passion for the stock markets dates back to his early teens and he has developed his skills in fundamental analysis of companies through on-the-floor experience over the past 7 years. He is also a regular writer for various American and Indian magazines on topics relating to finance. Raghav Behani was the winner of the financial markets reality show "Hunt for India's Smart Investor" on Zee Business in association with L&T Mutual Fund. His in-depth and practical knowledge about equity trading, financial markets, financial planning, mutual funds and business news helped him crack the tough competition to claim the title. DalalStreetBulls is a portal owned and managed by Raghav Behani

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